Configuration defaults and loading functions.

Pyleus will look for configuration files in the following file paths in order of increasing precedence. The latter configuration overrides the previous one.

  1. /etc/pyleus.conf
  2. ~/.config/pyleus.conf
  3. ~/.pyleus.conf

You can always specify a configuration file when running any pyleus CLI command as following:

$ pyleus -c /path/to/config_file CMD

This will override previous configurations.

Configuration file example

The following file contains all options you can configure for all pyleus invocations.

# path to Storm executable (pyleus will automatically look in PATH)
storm_cmd_path: /usr/share/storm/bin/storm

# optional: use -n option of pyleus CLI instead

# optional: use -p option of pyleus CLI instead
nimbus_port: 6628

# java options to pass to Storm CLI

# PyPI server to use during the build of your topologies

# always use system-site-packages for pyleus virtualenvs (default: false)
system_site_packages: true

# list of packages to always include in your topologies
include_packages: foo bar<4.0 baz==0.1