You can install pyleus from PyPI either system-wide or in a virtualenv:

$ pip install pyleus


You do NOT need to install pyleus on your Storm cluster.

However, if you are going to use system_site_packages: true in your config file, you should be aware that the environment of your Storm nodes needs to match the one on the machine used for building the topology. This means you actually have to install pyleus on your Storm cluster in this case.


Installing Pyleus from source is NOT recommended. Please refer to section Development tips for more info.

The recommended way to install Pyleus is pip install pyleus either system-wide or in a virtualenv.

Specify your Storm path

Pyleus will automatically look for the storm executable in your $PATH when executing a command.

If you do not have Apache Storm already installed on your machine, you will need to download and extract Storm 0.9.4 from

After that, create a config file ~/.pyleus.conf so Pyleus can find the storm command:

storm_cmd_path: /path/to/apache-storm-0.9.4/bin/storm