Package containing pyleus implementation of major Storm entities.

exception pyleus.storm.StormWentAwayError[source]

Raised when the connection between the component and Storm terminates.


Tell whether the tuple is a heartbeat tuple or not. :param tup: tuple to investigate :type tup: StormTuple :return: True if the tuple is a heartbeat tuple, False otherwise :rtype: bool


Tell whether the tuple is a tick tuple or not.

Parameters:tup (StormTuple) – tuple to investigate
Returns:True if the tuple is a tick tuple, False otherwise
Return type:bool
class pyleus.storm.StormTuple

Namedtuple representing a Storm tuple.

  • id(str or long): tuple identifier
  • comp(str): name of the emitting component
  • stream(str): name of the input stream the tuple belongs to
  • values(tuple): values contained by the tuple