Source code for pyleus.exception

"""Pyleus specific exceptions."""
from __future__ import absolute_import

[docs]class PyleusError(Exception): """Base class for pyleus specific exceptions.""" def __str__(self): return "[{0}] {1}".format(type(self).__name__, ", ".join(str(i) for i in self.args))
[docs]class ConfigurationError(PyleusError): """Raised when a required configuration value is missing or malformed.""" pass
[docs]class JarError(PyleusError): """Raised when a problem occurred with pyleus base jar.""" pass
[docs]class InvalidTopologyError(PyleusError): """Raised when topology validation failed. Usually it is due to a syntax error or a mispelled name in the topology definition YAML file. """ pass
[docs]class VirtualenvError(PyleusError): """Raised when an error occurred during virtualenv creation, dependencies installation or modules invocation. """ pass
[docs]class StormError(PyleusError): """Raised when Storm invocation terminates with errors.""" pass
def command_error_fmt(cmd_name, exception): """Format error message given command and exception.""" return "pyleus {0}: error: {1}".format(cmd_name, str(exception))