Pyleus v0.3.0

Pyleus is a Python 2.6+ layer built on top of Apache Storm for building Storm topologies in idiomatic Python.


Pyleus is NOT compatible with Python 3 (yet).

Quick Install

Install in a virtualenv:

$ virtualenv my_venv
$ source my_venv/bin/activate
$ pip install pyleus

Quick Start

First, you will need to download and extract Storm 0.9.4 from


Pyleus 0.3.0 is not compatible with Storm 0.9.2 or older. Use Pyleus 0.2.4 for older versions of Storm.

Then create a config file ~/.pyleus.conf so Pyleus can find the storm command:

storm_cmd_path: /path/to/apache-storm-0.9.4/bin/storm

Build an example topology:

$ git clone
$ pyleus build pyleus/examples/exclamation_topology/pyleus_topology.yaml

And run it locally:

$ pyleus local exclamation_topology.jar

From another shell, you can run $ tail -F /tmp/exclamation_bolt.log to see the results in real-time.

Press C-C to exit.

You can submit it to a Storm cluster too:

$ pyleus submit -n NIMBUS_HOST exclamation_topology.jar

But since this example writes to /tmp, you might not find it very interesting.

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